Be in the Big Picture…

To all of the photographers out there I want to encourage you to pass the camera and choose to be in the photo. Whether you are a professional photographer, the unofficial family photographer, the go to person at work or that friend who is always taking pictures; make an effort to be in some of the photos. I had a conversation with a dear friend who had lost her father and when putting together pictures for his service realized she did not have one photo of the two of them together. She said she had always been the family photographer and it broke her heart not to have one photo of them together to cherish. I have had a similar situation but it was because my mother always said ‘no don’t take my photo I’m not dressed up, I’m not wearing makeup”.. Well when I looked through my photos there are plenty of her when she was younger but not many of her as my mom and only a few of us together. My mom has been gone for 20 years now. I still miss her everyday and I wish I had one photo of just the two of us together.

So I want to encourage you all to be in your photo’s despite what you’re wearing , whether you are wearing makeup or not, or if you are the “photographer” please choose to be in the bigger picture; your legacy.



Looking For Real Love


He gave us all the tools we need

His words have all been written

That while we are in this world

We are not of this world

We were created by Him, for Him,

to serve Him

Yet we choose not to see Him

We are stuck in thoughts of what we think we need

Lost within a world of things we want

Working too hard to create our life our own way

We wonder why we are lost

Why do we feel so empty,

when we have acquired so much

We are thirsty after we drink and we are never full

We look for the answers in all of the wrong places

 which lead us to wander in the dark

We are temporarily happy but it never lasts

We are always searching to find new ways

to fill the glass

It is not until you give your life to Him

That you truly receive your answers within

 Once in His love

You will learn that it is in giving that love away

That you will be filled

That it is in serving others you will receive

happiness and peace

That is the way the Lord made us

For within us we are the perfect design

We are made to love Him and through His love

we are able to love others

And that is the way to find

                                                 real love…



Strength comes from deep within the very heart of us. It’s a place in our heart that takes time and patience to find. Time to listen to your thoughts to find out what you believe is the right thing to do. As well as having patience to get to that place before giving in. Believing in your decisions will make you strong. Strength does not come from taking the easy road. It comes from choosing the right road no matter how hard to travel it may be. Accepting less than we deserve in life leaves one feeling weak. Focus on the harder but right thing to do and you will find you are on the right road. You will be stronger after you have come to the end of your journey. Emerging feeling happier in knowing you were strong enough to listen to your heart and to make it to a place where you can be proud of your decisions. Proud of who you are.

“Letting Go And Letting God”


I used to truly wonder what people meant when they said to “Let go and let God ” take care of you. I could not see how that could be done and at the same time know what I was to do here on earth. I could not understand how not to worry and how not to act out in my own strength; which ultimately turned out to be my own weakness. How could I fix something, create change, help myself or others without acting on my feelings, anxieties, or worries.

I finally realized it means that I must remember that when my worries and fears grip me; and they will, as soon as I feel it, I must stop and pray for God to take it. I have to remind myself that He always comes through even when the answers are not what I prayed for and that in time I have without fail seen His reasons. His glory and love astound me and I find I’m not quite as scared anymore because I know that there is nothing I can do without Him. Even though I am my mother’s daughter and I still worry sometimes so deeply that I feel it way down in my stomach but when that feeling starts I ” Let go and let God” take it. Because I know He loves me so, I try to honor Him and let go. I do this by making my mind be busy with others things and other people. I open my eyes and allow God to direct me to where He wants me to go or to what He wants me to do. It’s a daily struggle and sometimes I get lost and forget but I’m getting better. It’s hard and I have to do it everyday.

Our days are predestined and God has a plan for each of us and everyone who calls upon Him to receive it, will. He waits for us, for the moment we will call and give Him our lives and in turn He turns on the light so we can see. Only then are we able to learn how to,“Let Go And Let God” 

God will show me the path of life (Psalm 16:11)



Reading is more than the piecing together of words on a page that have been written by an author. I believe that every word that has ever been spoken, every thought or feeling that has ever been expressed has been forever woven into a mystical tapestry. The first word ever spoken became an invisible thread that began the stitch that was sewn into the next and so on. An infinite collection of words that consist of our observations, thoughts and feelings which created who we are and who we will be.

We are truly one when we realize we touch every person that has ever taken a breath through his or her words, our words. This tapestry touches us every day in every word we hear and in every word we read. In turn every word we have spoken and every word we have written has become part of this collection. A tapestry of woven words that connect us all together.

When we read we are able to enter a place where we allow the tapestry in to wrap around our souls. A time in which we are immediately connected to one another through words. Words that enter within and collide with our memories and at times touching our dreams, desires and even our fears. Everything we read affects us in some way. Reading allows us to visit people, places and special moments in our past. Memories come rushing in and momentarily take over the words on the page. Words provide an anchor to drop so that we can stay for a moment to feel and remember. Sometimes the places we visit are so enchanting that we stay and bask in their warmth. It feels good to be there. Other times the times the places we are carried off to can be dark and we don’t want to stay and we wished we didn’t travel there. These are often memories that we crush and hide deep inside because they hurt too much to see, or feel. To me though it seems safer somehow to experience these things within the pages of a book. I think partly because we are not directly reading about our own lives and when we touch those places we are not alone, our characters are there. The hero, the heroine, the villain and the author themselves are within the pages of our books. Other people through their words let us see they have been to similar places and experienced similar situations. Their travels within are written in their words.   When reading we can visit a memory good or bad along with another soul who has been to a similar place which can often open our eyes to realize we are seeing through theirs as well. Allowing other perspectives in and often this new view presents us with the opportunity to grow.

Whether you are reading a fiction novel or a nonfiction article in a magazine there is usually at least one word, a phrase, a paragraph that connects to a thought, a feeling, or a memory. These feelings wash over us in waves sometimes barely breaking our shores and others create tidal waves of emotion. Often we don’t even realize that we have been carried off because it is so natural to reflect, to compare to our own experience that the thoughts just float in and out as we breathe. Yet there are those passages that affect us so deeply that we are moved to laughter, tears, and even anger. Sometimes these emotions touch us in such a way that we are forever affected by the words we have just read.

I would like to encourage you to begin a journal of your own so you can record what you reflect upon. So the next time you are reading and you ask yourself   “What did I feel, what place in time did I travel to while reading this sentence, passage, book or article etc.” Write down what you felt during that moment. Your answer maybe anywhere from a single emotion to a flood of words.  Sometimes a single word or a simple sentence you have written in your journal can cause you to remember what you were reading that triggered these memories. Words such as; I felt warm, loved, enchanted by remembering something magical that happened to you, or hurt, angry, alone, frustrated when you felt you were in an impossible situation, or still lost in why did this thing happen to me; leaving you feeling confused. So many emotions come flooding in from our past when we read.

Sometimes you may travel back into time to places such as your grandmother’s kitchen on Thanksgiving Day and remember all of the wonderful smells and the laughter of family all around you and how good it felt to be there. Or to a memory you’d rather forget like the day when you were told that someone you loved died. These memories may bring you comfort or pain but in either case you may find you need to express how you are feeling. My father told me something I have carried with me all my life he said “If you have something on your mind and you’re having trouble sorting it out, write it down, put it all your feelings onto a piece of paper. So when you read it over you can often see things more clearly. It’s a way of counseling yourself.” I have always done this and it has helped me in so many times. Sometimes it’s just a process of getting it out, a kind of purging of something I don’t want to carry anymore. So next time you are carried off to a memory good or bad, stop reading for a while and write how you feel in your journal. When you begin you may have only one sentence to offer and that’s ok, but if you discover the words are there don’t stop let them become part of the Tapestry that connects us all together.

This Journal you create is yours and yours alone. It is up to you if you want to keep for your eyes only or share passages with others. Either way once your words are spoken or written they are immediately woven into the tapestry. Use your journal to help you keep your feelings and things you have learned within journeys of reading alive, once written you can always come back to visit and travel once again to the places you have been.

My wish for you is to not only read but experience words, to be able to feel them, to let them carry you off to new places and adventures. For you to be able to visit warm memories and to find peace and healing for those that are hard to remember. Most of all for you to learn you are a part of “The Tapestry of Life” and because of that you are never alone.